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Call us today for any professional swimming pool repairs or installations in Atlanta for your commercial or residential pool.

We offer expert repair on any electrical, mechanical, structural, and plumbing swimming pool issues you may have with your Atlanta swimming pool or spa.

Our swimming pool repairs and installations are completed to the manufactures specification by professional swimming pool technicians. And all of our workmanship is 100% guaranteed.

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Pool & Spa Repairs
Swimming Pool Pumps & Motors Swimming Pool Heaters
We check the motor's amps, volts and capacitance. We pressure check all pumps. We test for proper water flow & sustained heat output. We check for gas safety and adequate venting.
Swimming Pool Timers & Controls Swimming Pool Filters
We test most controls, from simple timers and freeze-guards to the most sophisticated electronic controls. We check for leaks, broken elements and poor filtration. We also test for internal leaks.
Swimming Pool/Spa Cleaners Swimming Pool Salt Systems
We repair all types of automatic pool cleaners. We will provide a list of options and let you make the decision for repair or replacement as needed. We can evaluate your salt-water chlorination system and determine if it is malfunctioning or a simply matter of poor water chemistry.
Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair Swimming Pool Tile & Plaster
If you think you have a problem, call us first and let us provide expert assistance. We offer full leak detection, including underground pressure testing. We repair all types of tile and plaster. We can also completely remodeling of your pool. We have professionals that can help make the right choice.